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We're gentlemen in IT decisions

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Full cycle in product development, from the identifying of customer problems to the preparation of the product to the market

The team of talented developers is ready to create and rapidly launch   new strong products on the market

High-quality client support at all stages. From the idea to its implementation, integration with systems, and also the market entry


Market research is relevant to creating business ideas


Business analysis of the existing project for the possibility of integrating the service


Development of quality product on all mobile platforms

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Automatic tests and guarantees in the absence of mistakes


High-quality customer service 24/7


Continuing maintenance of all projects and removing bugs

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Design and graphics

Business Analysis

Testing software

Development software

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iOS Android Web IoD PWA


MVP for startapov

Server decisions

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Design Design

Product profitability

Promotion of the produce


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We create services

For the ready business and the startup

We work at the development of Web platforms and mobile applications, in which we create convenient solutions for users of all cluster groups


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